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The Benefits of DocuWare and Sage Integration

Rachel Tilley Author: Rachel Tilley

DocuWare and Sage Integration could prove crucial to any growing business as managing paper finance records is error prone and labour intensive.

A well-known food manufacturer with 12 business locations recently started using DocuWare.  They told us it took one finance administrator 3-4 days a week, to type invoice information into Sage.

Managers were also manually typing data to compile a weekly report, looking across multiple sources and duplicating work. As the information had already been keyed in once, staff were wasting a lot of time and their core responsibilities suffered.  Data on paper, in filing cabinets and in network folders meant sourcing information caused further delays.

Creating Efficiency With DocuWare

Implementing DocuWare and integrating it with Sage meant their invoice process could be streamlined.  Invoices are now scanned at each business location and automatically indexed by DocuWare. 

Intelligent Indexing is a service that learns how to “recognise” index terms wherever they are on a page.  As an invoice is scanned, key information such as customer name, product, invoice number or price are extracted and saved as index fields in DocuWare.  

It is these fields the company can now easily use to search for information, quickly accessible to anyone from anywhere with authorised access.DW and SAGE

The department head then electronically receives the invoice and corrects any missing index terms.  With machine learning, DocuWare goes on to remember these corrections to give more accurate results on the next scan.

Once the costs are reviewed an electronic stamp is used (just as you’d stamp a paper invoice), and the invoice is sent to the Finance Director.  Here it is given one final review before being stored in DocuWare.

There is a tight integration between DocuWare and Sage.  It allows the finance team quick access to documents stored in DocuWare, right from within Sage.  There's no need to switch between Sage and DocuWare or leave their desks to find a paper invoice.  A click of the integrated button in Sage recalls the related document from DocuWare and opens it in Sage.

Benefits of Integrated Software

Research shows that there are about 2-5 errors for every 40 characters typed during manual entry. Source_ IDC-1This manufacturing business reduced data-entry time by 40 hours per week, allowing staff to focus on other key parts of their job.

The Finance Department can instantly answer supplier payment queries as the information is quickly found in DocuWare.

Staff no longer have to provide information for managers as they have easy access to it themselves.

Their Finance Manager said the biggest advantage of the DocuWare and Sage integration is being able to instantly perform a cost analysis:

“Every month I do an income statement review.  I can easily run a report in the system and be instantly aware of what we are spending. With DocuWare we ended up making our processes better and easier, with the end result being we catch things that would otherwise have been too hard to spot. This kind of insight is invaluable to us”.

DocTech have the experience of integrating with a variety of Sage packages and will happily discuss any other more bespoke requirements you have.

If your business is still struggling with outdated, manual or paper processes then you could benefit from DocuWare and Sage Integration.  Book a discovery call with a member of our team to chat through any questions you may have and to hear how we could start streamlining your processes today.

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