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Understanding DocuWare and SharePoint

With such a plethora of solutions, software options and variable price ranges on offer, choosing a best fit document management tool can feel very overwhelming. It can be hard to know which direction to take.

Our inhouse technical and sales teams have 75 years of combined experience in document management solutions.  We work with organisations varying in size and sector building solutions to automate business processes which meet bespoke requirements.  Here we explain more about one of our main document management solutions DocuWare, and the collaboration tool SharePoint.

DocuWare was specifically developed to manage documents. Scanned paper and digitally received documents are stored in a web based central location, providing easy access from anywhere. Documents are tracked through their lifecycle with visibility of when they were opened or modified and by which user. Every document stored is tagged with metadata which gives the ability to accurately search for information based on multiple criteria rather than searching through folders.

SharePoint is a platform used to manage content and to allow easy collaboration. It allows a user who saved a document on their PC in Manchester to easily open, read and edit it on a mobile in London. 

DocuWare is configured to meet your exacting business requirements from day one.  It can work as a standalone solution or integrate with existing applications such as an ERP system or Finance Package.  The focus is on improving processes by streamlining and automating tasks.  After implementation, admin level users are often able to manage things themselves such as setting up new digital filing cabinets and changing document type options.

With SharePoint you start with the basic platform and there are multiple add-ons needed for it to meet the specific requirements of your business, or to be completely workable as a document management system.  This can require a lot of custom development, and development usually needs to be outsourced depending on the knowledge of your IT team. 

DocuWare comes with Optical Character Recognition, Full Text Search and Intelligent Indexing which takes the information from any document and converts it into useable data.  This data then becomes the index terms a document is stored against and subsequently used to search on.  SharePoint does offer data capture capabilities through a separate application.

SharePoint works in a similar way to Google OneDrive and can work as a repository for information, but does rely on the good habits of employees which is always risky especially where multiple users are involved.  Documents need to be saved in a unified way to be easily found and there is nothing to enforce this uniformity unlike DocuWare.  If pricing documents are saved using different names such as quote, quotation, fee proposal etc. time is wasted trying to find what you're looking for and there is no one view of them altogether.

There is no doubt that DocuWare and SharePoint can improve business processes; they increase efficiency and improve communication. We believe organisations should understand what the drivers for change are for their organisation. What are the issues now and what is mandatory to enforce?

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