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Collect Data Digitally

Mobile forms enable field based workers in any industry to collect data digitally on a mobile or tablet device. Functioning on iOS or Android devices, these forms improve data transfer between your field and back office operations by replacing paper driven processes with Electronic Data Capture for large mobile work forces.

JobRouter and Stroma

JobRouter is a powerful and flexible low-code digitisation platform for digital transformation that helps enterprises digitise and automate any business processes or use cases. Link your processes, data, and documents enterprise-wide via their rapid app digitisation and intelligent workflows - according to your requirements.

Stroma enables you to build, collect, manage and improve digital data collection for your organisation with it's Formation Software.

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The Benefits

  • Implements in multiple industries and departments
  • Create customised forms to meet your specific needs
  • High levels of security
  • Enhance the quality of your data - photos, videos and audio
  • Annotate and edit photos, collect signatures, scan bar codes
  • User dashboard to give an over-view of forms sent
  • Data validation at the time of input
  • Prepopulate fields with related information pulled from external data sources
  • Built-in audit trails record every action taken in your workflow processes
  • Ability to work offline

Collecting accurate, structured information is at the core of all data-driven processes. Web forms simplify, improve and accelerate data collection. With our partners at Stroma and JobRouter, we can help implement forms to add value.

At DocTech, we can support and build a personalised suite of digital forms, without the need for coding. Form solutions create templated documents that can kick start business processes securely and efficiently.

Forms are created to meet the bespoke requirements of our clients throughout a variety of industries and departments. Form technology enables organisations to replace cumbersome paper-based processes. Forms are created to streamline repetitive data-based processes.

Available on desktop, iOS and Android devices, it will integrate with organisational back-office systems. This ensures the flow of information and data throughout the organisation is efficient, accurate and secure. Mobile forms enable those employees out in the field to accurately collect data offline and transfer it safely and securely into the office.  Mobile forms integrate perfectly with our document management software, as well as a range of other existing software.

Challenges We Help With

Automate invoice processes

Automating manual data entry, accurate data capture of incoming invoices, real time information, full visibility of the accounts process from start to finish, including invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes and digital signatures.

Employee management

Digitise HR records into a centralised and secure document management system. Enables only authorised access, provides easy applicant tracking, manage new hire provision and automate holiday requests. Can simply deal with SARs and GDPR compliant.

Travel Management

Managing employee expenses is time consuming for all involved; our solutions make it easier. Simple electronic templates that handle calculations, currency conversions and capture receipts digitally. Approve or decline expenses from within the system

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